Monday, August 18, 2008

Creative Challenge #2

Okay is everyone ready for another challenge. This week we have a little more elements then last week, maybe a little more challenging but a lot more fun. :) Don't forget to link us to your page in the comments field here on our blog by Saturday. We will post our pages on Friday and then on Sunday we will pick one page that really stands out to us to feature on our blog!

• Single Page Layout
• At least 3 Buttons
• Journaling inside a circle or around
• Some Kind of Ribbon
• Something Faded
• Stitching of Some Kind

We look forward in seeing your pages! - Tara


2girlsandapoodle said...

thanks for the great inspiration! your challenge items and vinnie's beautiful new papers helped me solve my problems of 1. what to scrap, and 2. how to finally scrap this photo!
here is my result:

Bailey said...

Hi girls!! Had lots of fun with this one!

Renee Sowers said...

This IS a challenge. Sounds so fun. I'm hoping to be able to do this, but I went back to work, so I have less time. If not this one, then the next one. Thanks for the great challenges, ladies.

Renee Sowers said...

This WAS a challenge for me, especially because I went back to work (I feel your pain, Kayleigh -hugs to you) but I had a good time in the wee hours of the night putting this together :). Thanks for coming up with this fun opportunity. Here it is...

Anonymous said...

Great challenge again girls! Not sure if I have followed it exactly ... was thinking outside the circle... ;)

Heidi2008 said...

Here's my I found it quite the challenge to have everything!

Tracy (aka jazzmatazz) said...

Thank you all so much for the wonderful challenge. May not have quite gotten what you were looking for with the faded element; it's they're faded circles, but hope it works. :-)
It's here: