Thursday, January 20, 2011

Templates make life easier ...

Really they normally do. But bare with me while i share this story. I had the best intentions of scrapping my kids Christmas morning photos easily & quickly to just get them done ... this is what i ended up with.

I started with this template & added my photos for each kid into a separate page. I started scrapping Makennas page, I intended on dragging over all the elements & title. Then i started adding different stuff to Spencer's page. Then I couldn't make up my mind which direction I liked more. So I scrapped on and on ... ok for days really. So today i said today is the last day these pages are going to be open in Photoshop so i wrapped them up.

When i see each page side by side, i lean towards liking the look of Spencer's page more. I like the funky greens, the bright reds & the star brushwork that i just discovered tonight in my stash. On Makenna's page i like the texture of the background, the white brushwork & the metal star/bow cluster. I am so relieved that these photos are now scrapped, no one will care years from now that they both started with the same template.

But do you think anyone might notice that earlier that same year when we picked our Christmas Tree that page started with the same template?

If you would like to learn more about changing up templates, be sure to check out the self paced class at Big Picture that i have created called Template Manipulation. In this class you will get 3 free templates, a stitching sampler & even a special discount for Designer Digitals.

Happy Scrapping!
- kayleigh

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After Coffee I Will...

Let's talk goals. I wanna totally support Steph's All About Me Challenge at Designer Digitals and provide some additonal inspiration around goals for this year. I have noticed lots of inspiring layouts and items for sale that focus on goals. I hope you are inspired to scrap your goals for this year after going through all the exciting inspiration on the web and this blog.

Mini Goals Chalkboard on

Monthy Goal List on

Layout by FlirtatiousBrat from

Layout by EHStudios from

Layout by MarriedLadyTara from

Can't wait to see your pages!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Photo A Day: 2011

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Holiday Season. We had a great time and we loved watching Addison open up all her presents. Now that the new year has begun, I've started up my Photo A Day. As I posted last year, I was really sad that I didn't keep up with this project. I finished 4 months and that was it. I'm hoping this time around to actually finish and complete the whole year. Anyone else taking on this challenge? If so do you have a plan of action? Here are some of this year's photos. Happy Snapping for all of you participating in this project :) - Tara

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Year In Review

Happy New Year to each & everyone of you! Around our house it has been a crazy busy couple of weeks with lots happening. I am relived that we are done with holidays but am enjoying all the memories floating around in my head of the fun with family and friends and seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning.

So i was thinking to celebrate the new year we would celebrate some of our faves from twenty-ten.

Tara is up first ...

1. Your fave layout that you did this year.
I had a few pages that were my favorite, but when I had to narrow it down. It was this layout that win for my favorite layout of 2010. I love the colour combo, the use of brushes and of course the adorable photo of Addison. This layout is framed in Addison's room.

2. Your fave photo that you took.
This was hard. I have about 5 pictures that I found all equal to my favorite photo of 2010, but having to pick only one. I choose this one of Doug and Addison. All I can say is AWEEEEEEE!

3. Your fave product from DD.
Okay these questions get harder and harder as I move down the list. How can you just pick one. One thing I can say is I can't live with out brushes. With that being said. I love Katie's Stitching Holes, Watery Flakes, wings & blooms. Also looking back over my 2010 layouts I couldn't live without her screws in the hinge pack.

4. Your fave food from the year.
Nothing really pops into my head. Maybe that's because I've been pregnant for the most of the year and my taste buds have been a little off. I always LOVE Pizza :) or of course SUGAR LOL!

5. Do you have a scrapping goal for 2011?
My goals for 2011 is to try to find the time to scrap and balance my time between my toddler and my new baby to come. I would also like to finish Addison 1st year album. Fingers Crossed :)

6. Something that you are inspired by...
The number one thing that inspires me to scrap is seeing all the beautiful layouts in the galleries. I also get inspired by
my photos and all the gorgeous products that the designers make.

7. Your fave font from this year.
I love fonts and have a ton on my computer. The three fonts i would say I've used the most in 2010 would be Arial Black,
Travelling Typewriter, Pea Amy Rica Script and Stalker 2 okay okay that's four :)

And now it is my turn!
1. Your fave layout that you did this year.

i love that it is so fun & has some whimsical touches & a fun mix of papers too. The colour scheme was unusual for me & yet i ended up loving it!

2. Your fave photo that you took.
Makennas with her blue eyes.

3. Your fave product from DD.

I love the bows in this kit like no other bow i have ever seen! Those flowers are super fun as well, plus those fun whimsy elements are wonderful. I go to this element pack many times!

4. Your fave food from the year.
Coffee ... i know this is not a food. But after so many years (approx. 4) of being pregnant + nursing and now being able to enjoy as much coffee as i want in a day is heavenly.

5. Do you have a scrapping goal for 2011?
Print ... i have hundreds of pages to print & need to get these out into 'real life' for my family to enjoy. I created a fall book of our family and gave as gifts but have yet to print out our own copy.

6. Something that you are inspired by.
Love this quote & the boldness of the typography. Plus that clipboard is super cute. Maybe i might use this quote on a scrapbook page, use it as inspiration to create my own poster. Or just hit Add to Cart.

7. Your fave font from this year.
CK Becky

This would make a great 'All About You' page ... hope you are a little inspired to ask yourself these 7 little questions as well. Thank you for hanging out with us.

- kayleigh