Monday, August 30, 2010

Pioneer Woman Actions

I love these actions & am totally addicted to them. You can find them here Pioneer Woman Actions UPDATE! There are instructions included as well to explain how to load them. Be sure to check out all the examples of the actions there as well.

Here is the original photo of miss makenna chatting it up on my sisters cell phone at a wedding this summer.

Here is the photo with the Colourized Action ran at 100% opacity and the Boost Action ran at 65% opacity.

And here is my page that i created with this cute photo.

Hope you are a little inspired!
- kayleigh

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chat + New Page

Just wanted to let you all know that i am hosting a colour chat over at Designer Digitals on September 11th at 3pm EST time for their next quarterly sale event. I am so excited and wanted to share the news with you all! If you haven't participated in the chat event yet, you must join in because you are totally missing out. The day is filled with a freebie each hour and even store coupons. Plus we have a lot of fun chatting the day away with each other, the more the merrier!

And here is my most recent page that i started this afternoon during Makenna's nap & wrapped it up tonight. I L*O*V*E this patterned paper that Michelle Martin is releasing this weekend. I flip flopped between quite a few papers with nothing looking right, then i saw this & instantly knew it was perfect. You guys are going to love this kit called Glorious Days! I love this polka dot alpha that comes in white, black & red. I chose the red & played with the hue/saturation slider in photoshop to change the colours for this fun effect.

(image linked for full credits}

These photos are from our time away recently, Makenna loved chasing the seaguls all over the place. I had a hard time capturing that perfect shot but am happy i caught her in a couple that i could put together on a page.

So are you going to be at the chat!? Is your shopping cart overflowing yet? Send me an email and i will select a prodcut that i think you should get! Kinda like your own personal Designer Digitals shopper!

- kayleigh

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scrap You No. 02

I started this page the other day and just got it wrapped up this morning - i was inspired by lots of pages that have been posted based on the AAM challenge at Designer Digitals. I love the idea of capturing your style!

I thought it would be fun to include my camera strap as well into my style as well! (I'm actually wearing that orange tshirt and the white tank top today with the jeans today!)

I love this page by Melissa Hill - the fun images from the internet to illustrate her clothing totally inspired me!

I love the idea of doing a 'dream' style and the reality one as well. Great page Tesia!

So jump into this challenge & have fun!
- kayleigh

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Creative Challenge #57

I mentioned in my post last night that i created a page with the photos of Spencer & my mom enjoying some creative time together. So i pulled a creative challenge for you out of my page ... see the inspiration in motion!?

* 3 points of orange
* 3 pieces of paper stacked up for the background
* part of your title must have tape on it
* word strips
* use this font called CK Becky
* the date of your photos

So many times i see pages that are missing a date & i often wonder how one would remember when looking back when the photos were taken. So my friends ... don't forget the date!!

My 3 points of orange are the flossy stitches, the word 'art' and the orange photo corner. I will even give you extra points for using a worn edge on you stack of 3 papers. (what? ... you didn't know i was giving out points did you?!)

{image linked for full credit list}

And be sure to check out the 40+ new products in the store over at Designer Digitals that are on sale now with two items priced at just 50 cents and the rest 20% off until 6am EST on Tuesday morning.

Have fun and link us up to your inspiring page!
- kayleigh

Cottage Photos

We got back Thursday from a fun filled vacation at a family cottage on the lake so as i was going through the photos from our time away I thought i would share some of my favourite photos with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

We spent a bit of time on the beach, not nearly as much as i wanted to at all. Mother nature brought a lot of wind during our stay so being at the sheltered cottage was perfect.

My mom picked up these sunflowers on her way to the cottage for a mere 50 cents each. A small price to pay for beauty!!

Lately spencer grabs makenna by the hand and takes her to where he wants her to go whispering little messages to her showing her the world as he sees it.

My mom is famous for having lots of art supplies handy and spencer enjoyed every minute of discovery in grandma's special basket. i already scrapped some photos from this rock painting fun which i will share soon.

There is a hammock that proved to be a great spot for an afternoon snooze or a playful game of hide and seek while mom tried to get a photo. {hence the bluriness}

There is a lot of dirt around the cottage ... which leads to dirty feet of course!

Dirty feet land in the tub for a quick splash to rinse off. Baths were so much more fun in a new tub.

Spencer spotted this tiny green worm on the deck and got really close to talk to him. He kept saying that he had horns! Too cute!

Vacations are always nice for a break from the everyday cycle of home. But it was nice to be home to our own beds, routines, flushing when you need to, internet of course and talks about the next year. Spencer says on the way home 'hope lots of everybodies are there next year' ... me too little man. The more fun memories we can make the better. :)

- kayleigh

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gallery Inspirations

Happy FRIDAY everyone! Today I've picked five layouts that caught my eye. I hope you find them just as inspiring as I do. Check back next week for an all NEW Copy Cat Challenge. Enjoy your Weekend! - Tara

This first layout is by Crissy. I LOVE the colours, photo and the distressed elements she has used like the stitching & the brushes. I just love the overall feel of her layout.

Layout is by Nachtamazone. I really like the cluster of elements and the way she has created depth. The design and colours are PERFECT.

Layout by 1girl1boy (lesile). Love the softness this layout has. I love how the hint of blue and yellow pop from the page and the design is FANTASTIC!

Layout by Jasy1983. I really like the blue and yellow togther and I love her design and all the cute elements she has choosen. The photo is ADORABLE!

Layout is by Jenniferbarrette. Love how this POPS! It jumps right out at you. I really like the bold colours with the Black and White Photo. GREAT CROP!

Monday, August 16, 2010

And The Winner Is ...

Congratulations to Sam Munyard! You are the winner of the $25.00 Gift Certificate to Designer Digitals. Enjoy browsing the shop. Please email us you email address to and we will get your prize to you as soon as possible :) Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the questions. Kayleigh & I love your support and we can't wait for another exciting year at the blog. Happy Scrapping Everyone. - Tara

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge #58

Hi everyone! I'm just back from a friends cottage. It's nice to get away, but it's really nice being home again. Addison did really well. We were worried about her sleeping with all the noise at the cottage, but she slept through both nights. We are so proud of her! Tonight I bring you a GREAT layout to lift. Love all the cool elements Sarah used in her layout and her design is PERFECT! Thank you Sarah for the inspiration. I hope this gets you scrapping and I can't wait to see your pages. Don't forget to link us to your page in the comments field. I'll post everyone's layouts next week. Hope everyone has a good week. :) - Tara

Here are last week's Copy Cat Challenge #57 layouts

P.S. I will be posting the winner of our 2nd Anniversary Contest Winner tomorrow :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creative Challenge #56

Ready to start your next page or are you stuck in a rut wondering where to go next? Here is a fun challenge to get you going. Use the following list as a base for your next page.

- a animal or a bird or a fish ...
- notebook (I used a notebook edge photo mask)
- stitching (the more the better if you ask me!)
- splatters
- journaling on a tag

Here is my page:

My baby girl has HAIR, a lot of hair so I had to document a page about the struggles to get it tidy each day. My father in law got these photos while we were away back in July. (Got to love family that loves to help document the everyday!)

Have fun with this challenge & link us to your page in the comment field so we don’t miss it.

And be sure to enter our contest celebrating our 2nd year anniversary of running this blog for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Designer Digitals. You have until Saturday night to enter. Here are the details: Happy 2nd Anniversary

- kayleigh

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today Kayleigh and I our celebrating our second anniversary here at Creative Inspiration Blog. We both can't believe it's been two years, where does the time go. We've had fun running the blog and we LOVE seeing our number of followers growing everyday. 110 that's AWESOME! We our so thankful for your support. We wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for you guys :)

Today we have a wonderful little contest for you. You have a chance to WIN a $25.00 Gift Certificate to Designer Digitals. Thank you so much Katie for donating such an FAB prize. So I thought since we all have a ton of photos to scrap from this Summer. I thought it would be great if you search through all the amazing Summer products at Designer Digitals to get you inspired to finish those Summer layouts. Down below we have clips of 16 products that you can find at Designer Digitals. If you can tell us all 16 kit names with the designer's name; you will be entered to WIN! Email us your answers to by Saturday August 14th at Midnight (12:00 a.m.) eastern time. If you twitter, facebook or blog about our blog earn another enter per mention. Don't forget to post a link in the comment field to let us know that you twittered, facebooked or blogged ( please post a new comment each time ).
THANK YOU AGAIN! Good Luck to everyone- Tara & Kayleigh

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gallery Inspiration

Hello all! Today i (kayleigh) bring you some fun & inspiring pages, plus we have a wee announcement. On Tuesday august 10th it is our 2nd year anniversary of Tara & I running this blog! Crazy that it has been that long, but we have had lots of fun along the way & hope you have too. So as a thank you for all of our loyal followers we are having a giveaway. This giveaway is AWESOME so be sure to check back on Tuesday when Tara will post the details.

If there was ever a page that should be printed out a put on a wall - this is it!! That photo and quote = perfection! Totally amazing. Artist: echogirl

I love these pages that carollee is creating for a secret book she is creating & this page is just stunning. I love her stitching, the beautiful photo conversions & the layers of brushwork. Artist: carollee

I love the bold plaid J that matches her sons shirt. Artist: Christine Irion

I love the comparison of two of her daughters in this quick interview. Beautiful black and white conversions too. Artist: Britgirl

I recently used these great frames on a page i did & I love what this scrapper did with them. I also love the colours of papers she layered together. Artist: Crafty Kacy

The bright colours against the brown background is stunning. Love the layers of details here on the page with the brushwork & elements that are popping off the page. Artist: 4noisyboys

I love how she documented this not so happy part of her life right now. The bright border & elements add to the birthday effect. Hoping her birthday turns out great! Artist: becca372

Love the tight design here with the offside from & butterflies flowing into the grouping. Beautifully done! Artist: rebecca h

This page was inspired by tara called Scrubbed. i love the little pops of colour on this page. Artist: GButcher

I love the fun whimsical Disney coloured elements to go with these fun photos. Artist: marnel

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge #57

Hello everyone, I hope you all are up for another Copy Cat Challenge. I have just the PERFECT page to inspire you. As soon as I saw this layout I knew it was going to be my next Copy Cat Layout. I LOVE her design and the use of her elements and I really like the way she tacked down her ribbon. This week's layout is by Gabi! Thank you Gabi for the AWESOME inspiration. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Don't forget to link us to your page in the comments field. I'll post everyone's layouts next week. Happy scrapping everyone :) - Tara

Last Week's Copy Cat Layouts:




Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scrap You No. 01

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new challenge about you. By no means am i re-inventing the wheel here. Do you ever wish that you could read info about your moms everyday while you were a kid? I do all the time. Even i love looking back at my own pages about me. If you are not already scraping you, you need to start. And you can start right now with this challenge.

There are lots of great challenges about you all over the place. Designer Digitals has a challenge that is bi-weekly called All About Me Challenge. And you can get a ton of inspiration with this amazing gallery All About Me Challenge.

Cathy Zielske is running a fun class called Me: The Abridged Version over a Big Picture Scrapbooking. Make sure to read about the class & perhaps jump in! Sounds like a great class to me!

I came across this blog called Suddenly Artistic with a posting that inspired this challenge. (thank you to Anna Aspnes and this blog posting of hers awhile ago. (Anna is from Designer Digitals and the creater of my fave stitching!)

Ok the challenge! I love capturing random thoughts and activities on a page. It's not something i do monthly but whenever the mojo leans that way i run with it. Here is the list of journaling prompts i used on my page. Feel free to change or mix-up the prompts to go with your flow.

outside my window...
i am thankful for...
i am wearing...
noticing that...
i just finished reading...
on my mind...
around the house...
from the kitchen...
one of my favorite things...
i'm creating...
a few plans for the rest of the week...

Here is my page! I had fun with a stitching grid, squares and beautiful butterflies by Katie.

Can't wait to read a little info about you & see how you were inspired by this fun challenge! - kayleigh