Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Photo A Day: Part 3

Hi, thanks for all the feedback on my photo a day. I'm starting not to feel too stressed about it. I find if it's getting late in the day and I don't have a photo I find a subject that captures the moment and there I have the photo for that day :) I can't believe there is only one more day left in January. I plan on recapping each month with 3 of my favorite photos from that month. I know it's going to be hard but I want to do it ... I already know it's probably going to be pictures of Addison :) she is so photogenic. Speaking of Addison she just turned 8 months on the 28th. WOW! I have only 5 more months to enjoy with her before it's time to go back to work :( I'm so not looking forward to it. In doing the recap each month if you are doing a photo a day please link me or email us one of your favorite photos from January and I will post it next week. Also tell us why it's your favorite :) Here are just a few more photos from the past weeks. Have a great weekend. - Tara

Friday, January 29, 2010

From the sideline: If only...

Hi there - want join me in some daydreaming?
Despite my modest upbringing where materialistic wishes were frowned upon, I occasionally like to think about what I would do if the weekly lottery ticket would it hit a home run. Oh the lure of economic freedom - for good or for bad. But it IS fun to dream a little. So I invite you to come and dream with me a little.
What would YOU do if you won the lottery ?    - Aino.

Credits here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gallery Inspiration

It's been a little bit since we last did a Gallery Inspiration. So I was looking at my favorites folder at Designer Digitals and it was filling up so I thought I would share those layouts with you and hope you are just as inspired as I was. Have a Great Week. - Tara

The first layout is by Kathleen.Summers. I love the soft colours and all the pretty elements she has chosen.

This next one is by Gabi. I love what she did with the template. This jumped right out at me. I love the colours.

After seeing these two layouts I'm definitely going to have to use this template by Katie Pertiet. You can get it HERE

This layout is by BrittanyLane. Love the design and the way she cropped the photo of herself and the colours are PERFECT.

This Layout is by Tdavenport. This definitely jumped out at me. Love how the coral colour pulls you in and her added touches make this layout so beautiful.

This layout is by our very own Kayleigh. Love the way she altered the template and the colours just speak to me. LOVE THE ORANGE, BROWN and WHITE together :)

Now I'm going to have to use this template too. You can get it HERE

This layout is by JenniferH97. Love her photo and how she blended it into her journaling and I like how she made some of her journaling POP.

This layout is by Zoezany. Love the photos and the style she is going with in her 365 Project.

This Layout is by Shelb. The photo just grabbed me. I'm totally a CAT LOVER. I love how she made the Photo Shine.

This layout is by Amcmillian. I'm loving the red with the Black and White photo and I love the hint of teal.

And last but not least ... layout by Stephie Long. I'm really loving the Red & Teal combo. Love the adorable photos and the elements she has chosen.

Click on Layouts for CREDITS

Monday, January 25, 2010

My fave photos

Some of you may or may not know but I took the plunge & bought a DSLR camera just after christmas. And i am in love & totally wishing i had got one sooner. The canon T1i are getting along great & yet i have SO MUCH to still learn. I plan on having some fun with this tutorial available in the Designer Digitals store by Katrina Kennedy. Get Me Off of Auto Photography eBook. Most of these photos were taken in P mode & either with a 18-55 mm lens or the 75-300mm 1.4-5.6 lens that my wonderful father in law gave to me. My FIL also has this same camera so it has been fun having someone else to share knowledge with & tips. (I will be honest it is more him sharing with me, rather than me sharing with him!) Anyways here are a few of my favourite shots that i have taken over the last month or so. I have so much more to learn but am loving the process.

Thanks for looking! - kayleigh

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help Haiti Collaborative Collection

A fellow creative team member at Designer Digitals country was devastated by the earthquake that will shake their lives forever. Our hearts are breaking for Christina, her family, friends & her country. The generous Designer Digitals designers have put together a stunning kit, donating the proceeds 100% to Mercy Corp. So please purchase this kit or go directly thru our link and show your support for Haiti.

Collaborative participants include: Katie Pertiet, Ali Edwards, Andrea Victoria, Anna Aspnes, Cathy Zielske, Jesse Edwards, Lynn Grieveson, Michelle Martin, Mindy Terasawa and Pattie Knox.

Kit includes:
- 21 designer 12x12 papers
- 1 layered template designed
- 6 vintage flashcards
- 4 colored journalers
- 4 satin bows
- 3 polkadot ribbons and bows
- 1 large photo clipping mask
- 2 word art images
- 5 little fabric flowers
- 5 brads
- 3 buttons
- 1 complete alphanumeric acrylic set
- stitching

Thank you! - kayleigh

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge #45

I came across this cute page the other day and I instantly knew I was going to lift it. The layout is by Larissa. I love the way she cropped her photo and I like how the monkey on her son's pajamas looks like it was an added element. The design & colours are perfect. I hope you are as inspired as I was. I've also included the beautiful pages that you guys created from the last Copy Cat Challenge #44. Awesome Pages Girls! Don't forget to link us to your pages, I can't wait to see what you come up with. I will feature all pages next week. Have a fabulous weekend. - Tara

Layout By MissyBaby:

Layout By Kayleigh:

Layout By Kim:

Click Layout for CREDITS

Creative Challenge #45: What's in there??

So it seems every now and then I come across a challenge to share the contents of your purse, or your refrigerator, etc. I always think it would be neat to do but have never jumped in and completed a page. With project 365 I figured it would be neat to document this kind of thing! So I challenge you...share with us the contents of something RIGHT NOW.
- Refrigerator
- Purse
- Diaper Bag
- Trunk, Car
- Closet
- Wallet
(And as I was searching for layouts to inspire you I realized this was a Challenge HERE on our blog back in the very see this post for some inspiration too!!!)
Here are a few for some inspiration!

My take...

artist: Kayleigh

artist: SarahDanyelle

artist: PaulaSG

artist: JALong

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inject Pattern

The other day i went through my pages for makenna's 1st book so far & noticed lots of simlilarities. They are mostly neutral backgrounds with bits of colour and patterned paper here & there. Which isn't a bad thing but i felt my pages needed some pop & variance. There was one page that stood out to me of finished pages is this one called Chit Chat Girl. The bold background makes this page special.

{All images are linked back to gallery with credits}

So i decided that i want to inject life (aka colour) into my pages more often this year. Not that there is anything wrong with neutrals, they work for most photos but occasionally when the photos allow I'm going to strive to inject more colour & pattern. So with this new goal i created this page called Girlie Girl. I fell in love with that new paper by Katie!

Here is a new page I created:

Here are some other pages i found in the gallery at DD to help inspire you & me. I had fun digging through my faves for some older ones for you. For each of the pages, try to envision them with a plain white or beige. I can't imagine them without these fun papers & the extra pop of colour/ pattern works great.

Artist: pne123

Artist: shhbabymine

Artist: mel_b

Artist: Nath

Artist: Aino

Artist: Elena

Artist: AmberR

Artist: Britgirl

The next time you reach for a background paper, try a patterned paper or a brighter colour than you are use to. You just might love what you see! Feel free to link me up to a page in your faves or a page you have created to help spread the inspiration! Thanks for reading along my friends. - kayleigh

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Photo A Day: Part 2

Okay, so we are now into the fourth week of January and I promised myself I would take a photo a day. I can't believe how hard it is. I'm glad I didn't promise myself to actually complete a scrapbooked Shutterfly book : ) I don't think it would've got it done. I was doing so well until life got busy. As you know we just got our new house and you would think I'd take a ton of photos, well it hasn't been the case. I hardly find the time to pick up my camera. Well I can say I haven't failed yet, but some of the photos are not as good as I would like them to be. (not very artistic, example, microwave photo) I promise to make a better effort next week. Here are a few pictures from my photo a day. Please let me know how you are doing in the comments field. I would love to know your thoughts on how yours is going. Have a great week. - Tara