Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge No. 56

We are in full swing of summer around here. Eating breakfast on the porch, playing outside lots, playdates with the neighbours, BBQ's & swimming lots as well. After dinner tonight we even went for a quick dip at Eric's parents. The pool was really warm - which is a good thing for me! How is your summer going? (maybe that is something you could document on a page!?)

The page I bring you as inspiration is beautiful in it’s simplicity that was created by wombat146. The photo is beautiful & the paper works perfectly with it. I really love the stitching on the frame & the tiny dots along the photo. The mix of fonts is a nice touch. There are lots of jumping points that you can take from this page.

The page i created may look nothing like the inspiration page, but that is the fun with using a layout as a starting point. I really liked the long rectangular photo, the cluster in the bottom right & the mix of fonts. I ended up using one alpha, with a scripty font & then i used a different one for my journaling. I also really liked the brushwork as well. I added various layers of brushes & created a sun with some brushes also.

Have fun!
- kayleigh

Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Challenge #53

Life has been busy ... but isn't it always!? I feel like i say this as a start to every post. We had so much fun at my cousin's wedding this weekend. They had a photo booth which was such a fun idea. My cousin said that our table was either going to be the table she kept her eye on all night or wanted to join in. After rigging up a empty 2nd centerpiece as a giant glass we were the table she (and many others, i might add!) wanted to join! Here is a photo of my sister, my mom & I at the wedding. Somehow we coordinated our outfits as well!

Today we were out boating with Eric's parents which was so much fun as well. We definitely need to head to the lake more often. Today was so beautiful, we have had some really nice days here in Ontario lately.

Anyways for this weeks challenge ... think threes. You can choose any of the 3 to feature on your page. (Or more if you want or any other item of 3 you would like!)

* 3 types of stitching
* 3 photos
* 3 pieces of paper
* 3 flowers
* 3 buttons (or any fastener)
* 3 types of alphas
* 3 word title

For a little inspiration i will share the page i created based on this challenge. Check out Spencer with his buzzed hair & his new found freedom in the pool with his water wings.

I used: 3 photos, 3 pieces of paper, 3 types of stitching, & a 3 worded title.

Let us know you create a page based on this challenge. Have fun!
- kayleigh

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creative Challenge #52

Well it's been a while since we've done a Creative Challenge, so when I was making this layout, I thought it was the perfect page to make a Creative Challenge from. There are two challenges 1. Create a monogram or some other embellishment by using buttons. See how I made the "R" out of buttons, it definitely creates a focal point in the layout. 2. Use a pattern paper as your background. You can see I posted my layout twice. The first one is my final result and the second one shows you that the pattern paper was a little overpowering, just by changing the opacity, I made the pattern paper work without taking away from the design. What I did was put white cardstock behind the pattern paper so when I change the opacity on the pattern, you can see some of the white go through. I hope this gets you inspired to create a page or just play around with buttons and pattern papers. I want to wish our very own Kayleigh a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope she has a FABULOUS day. - Happy Scrapping everyone! - Tara

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Gallery Inspiration

Here are some pages i spotted that are pretty fantastic if you ask me! Enjoy!

This page is such a fun colour scheme & the stitching adds such a fun movement. Love the titlework too. Awesome page Missybaby!

I love the red stitching around the outside of the blocks here & the kids as a sticker is very cool as well. You rocked this page stephie_long!

This page by KathyJ is so cool because the design of it allows for lots of paper pieces. I love incorporating patterned paper into my pages & this is a cool idea. You will have to click on the image below to get the link to the page she lifted of fellow CT member Stacy to be doubley inspired!

This page is amazing by Cindy (aka cderousseau). She has such a way of creating art each time she makes a page. This page that she made to represent the missing photos is such a cool representation. I also really love her mix of fonts too.

These photos have so much energy & the bright colours she used her on this page add to that feeling. The bits of brushwork add a nice softness to the page as well. Great page susieq2u!

This is a lift for Tara's last copy cat challenge & it is adorable!! This flowers add such a whimsical fun touch.

I really like the design of this page with the block of solid paper with the patterned paper in behind. I like the flowers clustered & then scattered about as well. Awesome page Kelleanne!

Check out the layers of ribbons, papers & leaves stacked up onto one another. So interesting to look at isn't it? I also love how their is lots of journaling on this page too & it is nicely placed here too.

I am really into rounded corners right now & this page by Jacinda just jumped right out at me. I really like how the elements all go with the theme of the page so nicely.

This page is so refreshing with the bright colours & cool design. Thanks for the inspiration kathleena!

Have a good day!
- kayleigh

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge #55

Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. We are having a nice quiet one. Still recouping from Addison's Birthday. It was great! I will post pictures soon. Today's Copy Cat is a layout by JenJ. Love the layering of pattern papers and the way she did her date. It's simply PERFECT! I hope it inspires you to create a page. Don't forget to link us to your page in the comments field. I'll post everyone's pages next week. Have a great week! - Tara

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fave Products Right Now

I am sorry for my lack of motivation with posting here at the blog. Life has been busy as usual. Makenna was really sick last week with a bacterial infection but is doing much much better now. We are working on seriously potty training Spencer. He is getting it but is sometimes still wanting to put a diaper on which causes meltdowns. I have been busy this last week or so putting together some pages for CK's recent calls that are ending today. I completed 4 pages & it was so hard to submit them instead of posting to the gallery to share with all of you. There is one i did with some photos of Spencer & Makenna where Spencer gave his little sister a big smooch. This page is adorable!!

I thought i would share some of my favourite products right now with you. Maybe you might find it interesting.

I can't wait to use these frames. I have seen so many cool uses of them. If you click on the image, you can see the ones that are used in the store.

I love this alpha by Katie right now, and she even has a lower case version coming this weekend with symbols too.

I love the golden feel to this graphic paper by Michelle Martin. Love the mix of patterns & the monochromatic scheme. (Maybe i used this page on one of my submitted pages!)

This kit by Lynn is one of my favourites ... the colours, the pattern mix, those ribbons are fun & the alpha is fantastic!

This alpha by Katie is so much fun - it just screams beach & summer to me. I still have photos from last summer i need to scrap.

I love layering these overlays on the edges of my page to finish it off.

Take care!
- kayleigh