Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who left us a comment. We were very overwhelmed by your kind words. We are so happy you like the blog. We are hoping to bring you more inspiration as the months go on. Thank you again for making our first month celebration so special. The winner of the $5.00 Gift Card goes to isaksmom Congratulations! Please email us your contact information and we will get you your GC as soon as possible. We would also like to point out the awesome poem that Renee a.k.a renee sowers wrote. You ROCK Girl! - Tara & Kayleigh

It's been a month, and I have to say
at this place, it's fun to play
Every Monday and Wednesday, too
they offer challenges for you
the Copy Cat they have mid week
on Monday, it's unique they seek
scrapping rooms and purses, too
I told you there's a lot to do
on Friday, they like to post their own
that's when I look at mine and groan
it's really fun, it's all the rave
to see their chosen Sunday fave
these gals are really nice, I say
so often they have made my day
If you haven't been there yet
go there now - you won't regret!
You can scrap weddings, holidays, and vacation
at T&K's blog Creative Inspiration!

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