Sunday, October 12, 2008

Creative Challenge #9 Layouts

Hope everyone is having a great weekend & for us Canadians eating lots of food :) There were lots of great pages this week, it was hard to choose a page but we both loved this great fall page by Christine aka AbbyG. Be sure to leave some love on all the pages if you haven't already! Check back tomorrow for a great challenge Tara has come up with!

Christine: Abby Fall

Linda: Party Dude
Anke: Summer Beauty
Kuznyec: Natália
Fiona: Scary...Not!
Billie: Eyes on the Ball
Kami: Girl Moments
Erin: Learning new words
Tracy: Playful
Renee: dirty baby


Linda said...

Excellent choice and congratulations, Christine! As soon as I saw the layout in the DD gallery, I knew I was looking at the winner. Beautiful!

Christine said...

Thanks girls! It was a fun one to put together, and I really liked the sketch, so it made it easy! Look forward to the next challenge.