Monday, November 3, 2008

Creative Challenge #13

Good day everyone! Enjoy this yummy challenge for this week.

• Scrap a page about your favourite snack
• Be sure to journal the 'why' to tell the story
• Use whatever else makes your page feel right

Don't forget to link us here to your page so we can all drool over the yummy pages! -Kayleigh


mrs.b said...

Just a thought...I would love to grab some inspiration from you 2 of your layouts the day the challenge is posted. I hate waiting 'till Friday to see your gorgeous layouts!! Just an idea have a good day!

Missy said...
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Janet said...

Kayleigh, I guess we were thinking the same. I started this layout last night. Thanks for the challenge. Here's my layout.

Carol said...

Good Lord! It's obviously early here and I'm not reading right. I swear that said about scrapping a story about your favourite SOCK !!! ROFL I must need my glasses on. te he

Linda said...

I had fun doing this challenge while I ate the Skittles. Here's my page: