Monday, November 17, 2008

Creative Challenge #15

Thank you everyone for your kind words of congratulations to me & my family. We are so excited to meet this little person in May! With the thought of the hundreds of new baby photos that will be on the way - I am thinking about all the photos I have YET to scrap... so this is how I came up with this weeks challenge. (Maybe it's early signs of nesting?!)

The challenge is to dig up some photos that you have brushed off because they are not 'perfect' but the memory they capture is important. Use these ideas below to get your mojo going with those photos you keep passing over!

• Creatively crop the photos
• Modify the photos in lightroom
• Reduce the size
• Embrace the flaws
• Change the photo to black & white
• Use the white space to add journaling
• Apply a filter to distract from the imperfections

Don't forget that the store-wide sale at Designer Digitals will end Tuesday am @6am EST!! Have a great week everyone. - Kayleigh


Anke said...

Okay, I found one that was pretty bad and played with it! Here is the link to my page
thanks for the challenge ladies, this was cool!

Kirsty (krjd1985) said...

I'm going to give this challenge a go later on today :D

Linda said...

I've been thinking about scrapping this for a little while, and your challenge spurred me on. Here's the result:

Kirsty said...

Here's mine:

Kelly (wsprite_ad) said...

This was a really good challenge. I didn't have to look far to find a poor photo that I've always wanted to scrap.

Here it is:

Aino said...

THis was a great challenge:
I found photos that I could easily overlook because they were simply "experimental".... thanks!! :)