Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2nd Day Of Christmas Challenge

Scrap a page about the wrapping of presents. Would you say you have your own style? Do all your presents have to match each other? Do you have other people wrap your gifts for you? Do you complete the package with matching bows & tags? Do you buy your wrapping supplies at the end of the holiday season when they are on sale after the holidays for the following year or do you buy it as you need it? Are you someone who uses newspaper or do you put everything in gift bags? Or do you just use whatever is available? Use photos of your wrapped gifts or maybe the wrapping paper & bows waiting to be used. - Kayleigh

Here is a great page from BrittanyLane to get your mojo going!


Linda said...

Here's my layout about wrapping presents:


MamaBee said...

Wrapping presents... check!


Janet said...

This page is about my gift wrapping "Bucket of Supplies"


Brittany said...

well you already posted it but just so I can keep up with the challenges here's the link to it again!