Thursday, January 22, 2009

Create Your Own Font!!

We have all heard of doing this, but Bailey Stiegler (Starlite9711 over at DD) has started her own etsy shop where she will create one for you out of your very own writing!

You can find her shop HERE .

It is a super simple process & very cool to see your own personal touch on a digital page. Here is a recent page that I used my font which I named XXL-Kayleigh W.

Here is a page that Erin aka nirecreations created using her own font:

OK so now think outside the box with me here... how cool would it be to capture your child's writing in their own font & use it on pages? or how about your significant others. (I think I have my husband convinced to do his as well!) Or think about your grandmother's, or an elderly family member? It would be a priceless keepsake for generations to come. What a way to personalize a page! I am so excited about all the possibilities that this brings to each of us & can't wait to see how you are inspired by this idea! - Kayleigh


Renee Sowers said...

These layouts are so cute! I love the personalized font. In fact, I just bought mine, and I'm going to start working on it soon. I even bought the fonts that you, Erin, and Bailey did because they are too cute to pass up. How fun is this?! I'm giving my husband an "assignment" to do his this weekend.

MamaBee said...

Your handwriting is WAY better than mine... I just purchased the bundle! LOL! I'll have to practice before I can get one made... it's been so long since I wrote something that I think I forgot how... ahh, the age of computers!

Mary Rogers said...

I am ready to do this myself...thanks for the link and the inspiration kayleigh!!

Michele Barbalet said...

That is such a good idea about getting other peoples font made. I am so going to do my moms. She has gorgeous handwriting.