Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Monthly Challenge

You have the whole month to create a page for this challenge. Simply link us to your page here in the comments field for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Designer Digitals store! Just use 50% designer digitals product to qualify.

This month the challenge is All About You! Create a page about you, include photos or not whatever works for you & your concept. Make sure to include the date on your page.

Here are some ideas to document you today, right now at this very moment:
- fav colour scheme
- fav drink
- how much your last grocery bill was
- the last thing you ate
- the last website you were on
- last person you talked to on the phone
- what are you wearing
- what time you got up today
- favourite time of day
- last phone call you made
- something you just learned
- last person you gave a gift to
- something you believe in
- is the glass half full or half empty
- shampoo you are using right now
- something you are good at
- last thing you threw in the garbage
- sweet or salty?
- what stresses you out?
- some thing you are looking forward to
- last thing you cleaned
- what is the weather like today?

Please don't feel restricted to this list, they are ideas to get you going. Pattie Knox (one of the fantastic designers at designer digitals) held chats back in 2008 & inspired a whole bunch of fantastic pages. Be sure to check this gallery out!

Kayleigh's ...

This page just might be the longest credit list ever, so please click image for the credit list.

Tara's page...

CREDITS :: All Designer Digitals :: Katie Pertiet-Date Spots, Metal Clip Assortment, Flowers 3/15/09; Anna Aspnes-Light Textured Neutrals No.1, Distress tool Set No.3; Ali Edwards-Every Day Hand Written Word, 09 Date Stamps; Michelle Martin-Layered Memories No.26; Pattie Knox-Frosted Alphabet No.1 & Staple Its

Have a good day & be sure to have fun scrapping this month about you! - kayleigh


Kathleen Summers said...

Thanks for the ideas. And for your beautiful inspiration pages!!

Mine's here:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, which reminds me ... did the March challenge get wrapped up?

Missy said...

Such a fun challenge to do! Thanks for the fun list of ideas to get me started.:)

Mireille said...

Thank you for sending the link Kayleigh! Here is mine..

Anke said...

I got mine done too
thanks for another fun challenge

Steph said...

Thanks, I had a lot of fun with this! Both of your pages were beautiful! Here's mine:

Brittany said...

This was fun!

Linda said...

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration. Here's mine:

dorah said...

Here is mine: