Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gallery Inspiration

Oh what a busy day! I slept in this morning after a late night with Makenna (so thankful Eric is home too so I can get this divine pleasure here & there!). I went out to get coffees & lunch. Eric had an appointment. We ended up going to a store that carries local produce this afternoon to pick up some fresh veggies & fruit. They have an outdoor wooden train that Spence loves playing in. Then we went to Eric's parents place for a BBQ & a dip in the pool. Before you know it it's 7:30 & the day has slipped away! - kayleigh

Gotta love an idea that comes to you in the night & it results in an explosion of creative fun like this page did! I really love the mix of staples & stitching she used here to anchor the paper strips & of course the colours are so much fun. The texture of the paper she used here by Michelle Martin is so cool! Artist: jonipossin

Such a sweet message to her beautiful daughter & I love that flourish which is just perfectly placed here. Artist: Shannamay

The bright colours against the white background just speak to me!! But I also love the repeated twos in the different alphas. Such a cool idea! Artist:

I love the bright colours here, the subject matter (which I might be able to relate too! & cool photo of her! Artist: bho

I love seeing a collection of random photos all put together perfectly to execute a page theme. Well done! Artist: dstnd2be

Here is summer fun at it's finest! Love the photos of these little people having fun & the elements she chose to use are perfect to accent this masterpiece! Artist: wags

I am loving seeing all these neat dot pages in the gallery over at DD using Cassie's new tutorial Spot On - but this one is just really cool! That photo that is partially solid results in such a neat effect. Well done! Artist: Dawneephay

What a great lift - and this list is great (love the very last line!) Reading this in the years to come is going to be such a treasure for both this little man & his momma! Artist: lesvrolyk

Wow look at how cool the shadows just make the page pop here! I love the 3 various shots for an interesting series of photos. Love the journaling strip vertically as well. An all around AWESOME inspiring page! Artist: Peppermint

Check out the AMAZING perspective on that photo & the sun peeking from behind - 'wowee' as Spencer my 2 year old would say. Artist: Ami Collofello

I love the everyday moment captured here with a photo of each of them in the backseat. Love the large bracket holding it all together. The clean design is great too! Artist: gandcsmama

And I am loving all things pink & girly these days so I thought I would leave you with some girliness. Check out those ribbons that add so much movement to the page. It has been years since I have hoola hopped, but looking at this fun page my hips are moving! Artist: kkklatt


Marcel said...

ohmygosh kayleigh!!! do you know that i'm a huge fan of yours? i am so honored!! yeah!!!! mlpieters aka lauren

Les said...

Thanks Kayleigh! You made my day! :-)

Shirley said...

This is so awesome! Thank you!!!