Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Arrived!

I was so excited when I got my mail the other day to find my necklace that I had ordered off ETSY from Her Southern Charm. I ordered this necklace after I got home from the hospital. I wanted something that I could wear to celebrate the birth of my daughter. It's something I can wear close to my heart. I just LOVE IT! Thanks Jennifer : ) You just have to love ETSY! You can buy such beautifully unique handmade items. Also I have attached a copy of the Birth Announcement I designed to hand out. Love the way they turned out. - Tara


Heather T. said...

Those are both absolutely lovely, Tara!! Congratulations again!

Mary Rogers said...

gorgeous necklace Tara - I love that idea. I recently had one made as well with all our names...I wear it every day : )

I just love your annoucements - the color is perfect and that photo of addison is beautiful. Enjoy that sweet girl.

lefobserver said...

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