Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gallery Inspiration - Project 365 Style!

Hi everyone! It's Kayleigh here this week & I thought I would take a spin on the inspiration this week by featuring some standout 365 pages that are in the galleries. With having a toddler & new baby this year I decided back in January that focusing on taking a photo every day was too much for me. However, now seeing these pages week after week is making me wonder what my family's weeks would look like. What little bits might we be able to remember that we may have forgotten already? So ya, I think I am in for next year.

I love what Elena is doing with her 365 pages, each week I get excited to see what she adds to her week element wise & to see what she has been up to as well. This template is one of my all time faves by Ali (and I used it recently too!) All around fantastic! Artist: Elena

Katrina is one of my favourite photographers - she has such a neat eye for capturing moments in an interesting way. She even is offering classes at Get it scrapped! Katrina explored her options template wise & after a few options (and some voting!) she settled on this great design for her year in review. And it's looking great! Artist: katrinak

I love the look of this page - the long narrow strips, the stapled down day of the week, an element to go with the photo each day, & the bit of journaling. Wow I just love it! Artist: kellyos

How about mixing up the photo finishes for an interesting look like Linda has done here? Stunning if you ask me. I love the nice summery feeling of the Alandia Tropics Kit as well. Another great one! Artist: earlofoxford

I love grids. I love squares. I love stitching. I love Ali's writing. Yup I love this set-up indeed. Artist: supertwinkle

This page isn't part of a 365 project but the design & concept could be. I love the collection of photos mixed with the elements tucked into the boxes. I feel totally inspired by this work of art - how about you? Artist: TracyMB

Another fun idea is using a cluster frame like this. Katie has a ton of amazing cluster frames in the designer digitals store. The brushwork rocks here too! Well done!
Artist: dorah

I can't wait to see this book come all together at the end of the year. Deanie's photography just shines here. Crusie through her gallery for lots of inspiration. Artist: deanie

I love the dimension that Kelly's pages have week after week with her interesting photo mats. Very cool idea. Another great idea she has is to feature one photo that is her favourite from the month. Brilliant. Artist: mugsbigsis

I love the idea of wrapping up a month with a calender of photos like this. Smart eh? Artist: MIDA78466

So if you are part of this 365 project already, any advice as to how to stick to it or any wisdom you have learned along the way for those of us sitting on the fence. Does anyone wish that they had started this back in January like me? Anyone thinking of starting randomly just because? Be sure to also check out the Designer Digitals P[hoto} A Day Flickr group for some amazing photography inspiration. Love visiting that gallery every once in awhile. I am always in awe. - kayleigh


Katrina said...

Thanks for the feature and the shout out about the class! I think the Flickr group has been the best way to make this happen. Everyone there is so supportive and encouraging as well as creative. My best advice? Keep your camera out and your battery charged and don't look for the perfect photo, go with the flow of your life and just click. Sometimes the unintended is the best!

mugsbigsis said...

Wow! It's an honor to be featured on your blog! Thank you! :O) I have LOVED this challenge and fully intend to continue next year and hopefully just keep right on rolling. There are so many great ways to approach this. One could feature photos with journaling for the week; photos with captions; journaling with a single photo; or strictly photos. It can be 365 "photos" to represent each day of the year or it can be any number of photos to represent 365 "days". It can be as simple or as artistic as the designer wants it to be. Flickr really is a great place to to see all the wonderful "photo a day" posts. I hope this blog inspires others to check out the 365 gallery and maybe give it a try as well. I think the end result is going to be worth the effort 100 fold. (And, no one says you have to wait until January to start. A "birthday year" would be a great book, too.)

Elena said...

Wow! I'm honored! 365 has been a work of heart for sure :) I basically did what Katrina said and kept my camera handy at all times and just tried to capture bits of my days... then went and had fun adding the goodies to my template!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great surprise & honour!! Loved seeing all of the other pages -- some fabulous inspiration & photography... wow. I am so happy I did the Project 365 thing; in a busy year it has proved to be a great way to get things scrapped without feeling like I need to do a whole page. I agree... keep your camera handy and take it everywhere! :) Thanks again! TracyMB

Linda said...

Kayleigh, thanks so much for featuring my 365 page on your blog. I'm honored. I have thoroughly enjoyed Project 365. It's fun to decide what the photo of the day will be and to create the layout each week. Because of the project, I think I've paid more attention to everyday events, and I'm so looking forward to having this record of our year.

Terry said...

Oh I feel honored to be featured on your blog!!! I've had so much fun with the 365 challenge. It's been a great way to document my year. I took Katrina's advice at the beginning of the year and try and keep the camera handy at all times. Loving it!!

listgirl said...

I've been inspired by your blog now, so I'm very honored that you picked one of my P365 layouts to share! Looking at all the other layouts has inspired me to keep going with my weekly layouts.

Christine (supertwinkle)