Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gallery Inspiration

I almost didn't make it!! Tanner is finally getting better, we are just battling a cough now, and Rilyn has an ear infection. Which wouldn't be that bad, if I didn't feel yucky too. But I do, so it makes the whole house just no fun to be in. Hopefully we will all be MUCH happier tomorrow and 100% but Thursday!!
So, On to some inspiration!!

Click the layouts for full credits and to share the love!!!!

Artist: Kathleen Summers
I just love all the western details here and she has placed everything just perfectly!

Artist: ExoGonia
I jus tlove this Circle design! Her take on the iTunes challenge and she ROCKED it!

Artist: Gilmoregirl
This layout popped at me in the gallery. What a NEAT way to showcase the "first day photo" I just love her little shoes, and the perspective is wonderful!!

Artist: DeenaW
First, this layout just sang to me in the gallery who wouldn't click on this beautiful baby face, but once I read the journaling, I had to giggle. I had the exact same obsession, in fact, Im pretty sure, mine hasn't gone away, lol.

Artist: Aino
And another one I can relate to. And Aino's layouts are consistently in my favorites!! Love this one!

Artist: MissyBaby
This is just a great layout. I love that her family challenges eachother to lift someone. I love that all the girls in her family SCRAP together! How fun would that be!!

Artist: Denise Gormish
I love the story board of photos on this layout and a black background always stands out to me! Clean, classic and fabulous!!


Aino said...

Thank you Bailey - so much appreciated. Wishes for speedy recovery to you all.

Kathleen Summers said...

Wow, I'm so honored you have my page here. THANK YOU!!!


Kim H. said...

Thanks for the post of my first day of pre-school lo. Love the inspiration here!

Denise Gormish said...

Thanks for the mention - a great honor.