Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photography Class

Katrina Kennedy is teaching a class at Get It Scrapped!. The class is called YOUR KIDS:CAPTURED THROUGH THE LENS. Class runs from October 12 to October 29th. There is still time to sign up. You don't want to miss this class, it's definitely worth the money. I took another photography class with Katrina and I learned so much and a had a lot of fun. The classes will cover the following topics.

1. Avoid The Cheese
a. Choosing A Shooting Mode
b. Getting Cooperation
c. 6 Tricks For A Natural Look

2. Candid Moments
a. Seeing The Light
b. 6 Places For Great Light
c. Goofing It Up

3. Change Your Perspective
a. Choosing A Lens For the Look You Want
b. Making Do With What You’ve Got
c. 6 Fun Action Shots

4. Prop It Up
a. Using Depth Of Field To Tell The Story
b. 7 Props For Smiles And Laughs
c. Using Props To Gain Cooperation

5. From Behind
a. Composing The Best Shot
b. Seeing Your Photo Before You Shoot
c. 6 Important Moments To Grab

6. No Cooperation
a. Shooting In Unusual Ways
b. 7 Details To Photograph
c. Getting Everyone In The Photo

For more details on the class click HERE. I hope to see you there. -Tara

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