Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trend: Owls

Hello everyone, it's Kayleigh! Thank you so much for all the feedback about our blog. We needed to hear that people are listening & want us to continue. Here is a new kind of post for you to be inspired from. I thought it would be cool to focus on owls. I am noticing a few owls around places & even used one on a recent page i did of Makenna in her little Gap owl shirt.


This is the kit from designerDigitals I used by Mindy called Sweet Owl Collection:

Here are a couple other items from the DesignerDigitals store:
Andrea Victoria:

And the paper to match:

Pattie's felts are always stunning & a perfect compliment to a page:

Here is a cute page of Doris aka echogirl who used a cute owl to accent her page:

I frequent Etsy quite often & the other night i got a little carried away. A few things should be arriving in the next couple weeks.
I think this wall decal is adorable!! If I could just figure out where to put him.

You may have noticed that Makenna has a *wee* bit of hair & this cute hairclip would be perfect!

And to keep your coffee warm:

This mom & baby owl pendant is so adorable. Plus I am a sucker for green.

The wall canvas would look perfect with Makennas room, that stripy owl is too cute!

And how stinkin' cute is this room!? I have added this cool site to my faves.

I am feeling inspired & hope you are too. If you use an owl on a page or find something cool on the net, please link us to it! I could have spent hours linking to all the fun things I have found. And I am thinking that owl wall decal could look cool coming out from the side of her window ... hmmm. - kayleigh


Michelle Shackelford said...

i love owls too. ava has an adorable tent and backpack from target using the owl theme. and i really need to put some of those items in my wish list so I'll remember to scrap a page about ava in the car seat, her first car coo's where "whooo whooo."

rsheedy said...

I love the owl trend! So stinking cute. Crystal Wilkerson also has some cute owls at (
Great finds on etsy, too!

Elena said...

What a cute trend! I love how you showed inspiration from layouts as well as outside non-scrapbook sources!

Christina Smith said...

I was doubly inspired with this. Here's what I made:

Doris said...

Seriously love this post! So fun and I love how you 'showcased' the owl element and turned it into a design post! Brilliant!
(Besides the two super cute babies in one post...hehehe)
Thanks for the shout's always an honor to be on the same forum as you never mind the same post!

Aino said...

:) So cool! Love all those owl-y things! LOL!!

Carol said...

Ooooh I love etsy. What a fabulous room.

Renee Sowers said...

I'm so mad at myself. I sent M a little something in the mail, and it was a toss up between the bird and the owl, and I went with the bird. I knew I should have gone with the owl!!!!!!!!! I KNEW it. Oh well....enjoy the bird. :-)

Love these sites. Thank you (sarcastic tone) for "inspiring" me to spend more money. I went to these sites and added them to my bookmarks. Thankfully, it's Christmas, and I can justify spending. :-)

So fun. Can't wait to play along.

Anonymous said...

Love this post!!!!

Heather T. said...

Ok, see? You totally inspired me. (Shh, this won't be coming out till Thursday... ;)

Six Years Old

Chris said...

The owl theme is so cute for a child's room, I love it! So glad your keeping up with this blog, I need to bookmark it in a better place, I keep losing it! Maybe you're on twitter - I'll have a look!
chris from dd