Thursday, January 14, 2010

Copy Cat Challenge #44

Good afternoon! How is everyone doing on this fine Thursday? I so wish it was Friday :) Tomorrow we get our NEW house. Very exciting. We have a lot to do ... Packing, Cleaning, Painting, Moving, Cleaning and Unpacking. We are looking forward to it though. I love organizing a new place. I'm a little worried about the move with Addison and the cats. The cats have only ever been in this house. I'm sure it will be weird for all of us, but I'm sure we will adjust. So today I'm bringing you a layout by Joshi_82. I love the way the colours pop from the dark background and the design is PERFECT! Please join me in lifting this beautiful page. Don't forget to link us to your pages in the comments field. I will post all pages next week. Have a great day. - Tara

Click on Layouts for CREDITS


Missy said...

That was a fun challenge, Tara. Thanks! Here's my page:

Kayleigh said...

here is my lift Tara! Thanks for the challenge!