Saturday, January 16, 2010

From the sideline

I probably should take a big bow, but I am pretty short so then you wouldn't notice me. I will instead get up on a box and say.... thank you so much Kayleigh, Tara and Bailey for asking me to guestblog at one of the most inspirational sites within the digital scrapbooking world!
It is a great honor to be invited by three of my favorite scrappers. I was thinking to step in from the sideline now and then and give you all a little challenge, a little inspiration from my perspective.

Today I want to talk templates. They are such a versatile tool to jump-start a tired mojo, to get the creative juices started, to quickly work those photos and stories.
At Designer Digitals there is a multitude of templates - in all styles - so you are sure to find something that can suit your style.

Here is what I like to to do: I like to mix it up. Templates also.
I used this template by Ali Edwards:

In my example below, I shrunk it, turned it and moved a couple of elements around and some I left out - and voila - you have a page done in no time. And it is fun!
So here is my challenge today - grab yourself a template and mix it up a little: turn it, shrink it, shake it and twist it - and see what you come up with!

Here is a list of products I used.

- Aino


Gabi said...

I LOVE templates, Aino! Beautiful page and congrats on you guesting here :)

Monique1971 said...

Hi Aino, very beautiful. Love all the purple and your titlework. Great idea to make the template "your own".

I didn't know this blog, but it's a fun one, so I'm gonna save it in my favorites. Thanks for showing!