Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Photo A Day: January

Here are my favorite photos of January from my Photo A Day Project. I know I said I would pick 3 but I just couldn't. This month there were four that I really LOVED. Don't forget I would love to see one of your favorite photo of January. Please link me up in the comments field and I will post them next week. Everyone have a FABULOUS weekend! - Tara


kim said...

LOVE these pix Tara! Your cat looks positively regal! lol!!

Crystal said...

oh I looove your photos! They are just precious!!!

Here is one of my favorites, but it's so hard to pick one!

My new pots and pans were a super big deal! LOL! I needed them for years and years. :) So I think that's one of my most faves :D

Che said...

Your photos are beautiful! Love them!!!