Friday, March 19, 2010

Creative Challenge #49

Hello - it's Kayleigh! Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine weather in your neck of the woods. We have had some awesome weather these days with 15+ highs. (Snow is no longer welcome here!) We have battled some sickness here at the Wiles household this past week & are all thankfully feeling better. Thank goodness, its really no fun when both parents are sick & both kids are under the weather as well.

Today i bring you some inspiration from my own gallery, i had fun gathering up pages that i did ages ago & one i did just for this challenge. So your challenge is simple: Create a title out of a stamped alphabet. You can try playing with the blending modes & opacity to make the texture of the paper show through or you could leave them solid for a 'thick paint' look as well.

This is the page i created for this challenge. I am working through some older photo sets that i have been avoided because of the number of them. Count 'em up girls there are 11 photos on this page! Love this new tall alpha by Katie on this page.

On this page below i used the stamped alpha to it's full opacity.

On this page i added a stroke to the outside of the alpha & then added a shadow to make it look more like a sticker.

On this page i played with different colours to add more interest to the title ... pretty sure i changed the blending mode as well.

Sigh ... Can't wait to get to the beach this year ...

Hope you are feeling a little inspired by this little challenge & link us to your masterpiece! Thank you for reading along! - kayleigh


RebaMc said...

Loving all of these! Fantastic inspiration :)

Doris said...

I love these to create!

Doris said...

Here it is!..
Thanks for the challenge.

Heidi2008 said...

Awesome challenge's my take:

lstepanek said...

Here's mine!!! Thanks for the challenge!!! Dedided to roll my page in with the Saturday scraplift!

teeleedee said...

Here is my page


RebaMc said...

Here's mine:

Darlene said...

Loving all of your detail and the love in your work! Great use of negative space! :)