Monday, March 15, 2010

Gallery Inspiration

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was very windy and rainy here, but that was okay, sometimes you need a weekend indoors. Today I'm bring you seven layouts to spark your creative mojo. Hope you have a great week- Tara

This first layout is by Wendymorton: Love all the circle embellishments and the adorable photo.

This next layout is by Deenaw: Love the colours and the photo is BEAUTIFUL, just like her design.

This layout is by Eshter_a: her layout is so cool. Love how I can watch her grow through the years. Love the colour treatment on her photos. Might have to steal this idea :)

This layout is by readstoomuch: Love the design and the colour scheme is PERFECT! Love pink and brown together. And those photos are toooo CUTE!

This layout is by 1girl1boy: Love the monochromic feel with the pop of colour. The tinting on the photo is GREAT!

This layout is by GemmaC: Love the orange & brown together, it really POPS! The design and the accents are PERFECT!

This layout is by Kelleanne: Love the orange and the funky background. Okay I love everything :)

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Wendy and Karen said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout out. I'm honored.


Nini said...

All of the layouts you chose for inspiration are awesome!!

esther_a said...

Thanks so much, Tara! I did find that the color treatment unified the photos so much more - and a tip: I threw the photos into the grid just making sure none was too much darker or lighter, then I processed the whole grid of photos at once! It would have taken for ever to do each one individually.

kmf said...

good eye Tara! I LOVE that one by Wendy, and I didn't see the others until this blog post, but wow, they are knockouts too! That one by Gemma is genius!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to tell you that i love this blog. I look forward to my morning click here everyday!

Leslie said...

wow! thanks so much for the pick! i get so much inspiration from this blog it's an honor to see one of my LOs on here! :)

mollie said...

Thanks so much Tara and Kayleigh for putting my double pager on your blog! I am flattered to be here. :) I do enjoy visiting here often.