Monday, June 21, 2010

Creative Challenge #53

Life has been busy ... but isn't it always!? I feel like i say this as a start to every post. We had so much fun at my cousin's wedding this weekend. They had a photo booth which was such a fun idea. My cousin said that our table was either going to be the table she kept her eye on all night or wanted to join in. After rigging up a empty 2nd centerpiece as a giant glass we were the table she (and many others, i might add!) wanted to join! Here is a photo of my sister, my mom & I at the wedding. Somehow we coordinated our outfits as well!

Today we were out boating with Eric's parents which was so much fun as well. We definitely need to head to the lake more often. Today was so beautiful, we have had some really nice days here in Ontario lately.

Anyways for this weeks challenge ... think threes. You can choose any of the 3 to feature on your page. (Or more if you want or any other item of 3 you would like!)

* 3 types of stitching
* 3 photos
* 3 pieces of paper
* 3 flowers
* 3 buttons (or any fastener)
* 3 types of alphas
* 3 word title

For a little inspiration i will share the page i created based on this challenge. Check out Spencer with his buzzed hair & his new found freedom in the pool with his water wings.

I used: 3 photos, 3 pieces of paper, 3 types of stitching, & a 3 worded title.

Let us know you create a page based on this challenge. Have fun!
- kayleigh


Artist said...

Hi, I found your website on the list of the 50 Best Blogs for creative thinking. Congratulations. I'm always interested in creativity of all kind. Great site.

amy lee mallory said...

I loved this challenge, Kayleigh. Your page is AMAZING! Spencer's haircut is so cute! Here is the link to my page...

Aino said...

Fun to see the photo of you three! :) Great challenge too!