Friday, July 30, 2010

I'll Take a Double-Double ...

That is what I take in my coffee at Tim Horton's but it can also refer to a double page scrapbook spread as well. I go through spurts with doing a double page spread. Sometimes the quantity of photos for a single event simply require a matching page because they just can't all fit on a singe one.

After I completed this page of my son playing in his uncle's wheat field i felt inclined to do a co-ordinating page to finish the story of that evening.

There is a new feature at Get It Scrapped that Debbie Hodge is posting called Double Up. There she gives a sketch and some inspiring examples. Be sure to check this out!

There are also some scrapbookers that come to mind that are great at making double page sets. Check out their gallery's for more inspiration!
Anna Aspnes
Lynn Grieveson
Merr aka digigrandma
Julie DeGuia
Linda aka earlofoxford
Kelly aka mugsbigsis

- kayleigh

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