Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gallery Inspiration

Hello all! Today i (kayleigh) bring you some fun & inspiring pages, plus we have a wee announcement. On Tuesday august 10th it is our 2nd year anniversary of Tara & I running this blog! Crazy that it has been that long, but we have had lots of fun along the way & hope you have too. So as a thank you for all of our loyal followers we are having a giveaway. This giveaway is AWESOME so be sure to check back on Tuesday when Tara will post the details.

If there was ever a page that should be printed out a put on a wall - this is it!! That photo and quote = perfection! Totally amazing. Artist: echogirl

I love these pages that carollee is creating for a secret book she is creating & this page is just stunning. I love her stitching, the beautiful photo conversions & the layers of brushwork. Artist: carollee

I love the bold plaid J that matches her sons shirt. Artist: Christine Irion

I love the comparison of two of her daughters in this quick interview. Beautiful black and white conversions too. Artist: Britgirl

I recently used these great frames on a page i did & I love what this scrapper did with them. I also love the colours of papers she layered together. Artist: Crafty Kacy

The bright colours against the brown background is stunning. Love the layers of details here on the page with the brushwork & elements that are popping off the page. Artist: 4noisyboys

I love how she documented this not so happy part of her life right now. The bright border & elements add to the birthday effect. Hoping her birthday turns out great! Artist: becca372

Love the tight design here with the offside from & butterflies flowing into the grouping. Beautifully done! Artist: rebecca h

This page was inspired by tara called Scrubbed. i love the little pops of colour on this page. Artist: GButcher

I love the fun whimsical Disney coloured elements to go with these fun photos. Artist: marnel


Carol said...

Oh thank you so much Kayleigh!

Doris said...

Kayleigh coming from you..high compliments! Thank you very much!

Rebecca H. said...

wow! thank you so much! your choices are all so beautiful, and it is really wonderful to be included in such a talented bunch of ladies!

Crystal said...

ooooh! These pages are seriously sooo amazing! I looove them! Congrats on two years here too! I have been a fan and follower for a while and I am super excited that it's been that long for you guys! Keep up the awesome work and fab inspiration! When I am in a slump I can always come here and be inspired. <3 Thank you for that!