Friday, October 1, 2010

Creative Challenge #58

Hello everyone! Today i bring you some inspiration with a new challenge for you to try.

- One photo
- Two pieces of patterned paper
- Three pieces of solid coloured paper
- Four word title (or a 4 letter title!)
- Five or more pieces of stitching
- Six or more staples

Here is my page that i did based on this challenge! My hubby went through a beard growing stage recently & said he wouldn't shave until he passed this first test (he started college in September). He was sad about shaving but a deal is a deal ... so i thought he deserved his own page to ease the pain.

Don't forget to link us up to your page!
- kayleigh


Jan said...

love this LO!

Lori said...

Here's my page!!!!

Thanks for the challenge!