Thursday, December 9, 2010

Creative Challenge #60

Things are busy these days as i am sure they are with you all as well. My husband is wrapping up his first semester at college next week, shopping is underway, our tree is up & decorated, cottage book that i was working on is ordered & on its way. Its amazing how much time it took me to complete this book (about 3 weeks or so). I love the way it turned out & can't wait for our family to see it. However my father in law (who is such a sneak!) took a peek at my gallery over at Designer Digitals to see the pages. Even though we made a deal that i would post some of the pages & they would not look. I told them that if i did a page non cottage related then i would send the link to them. Anyways it should be here next week & i will show them the whole book. Here is the book if you want to see it!

So today i bring you a challenge for you to try out. (Cant believe we are already at 60 challenges!)
THE CHALLENGE: * One word title
* Black & White photos
* Black Frame
* White stitching
* Solid colour background

Here is my page that i created based on this challenge:

Link us up to your page too!
- kayleigh

1 comment:

Doris said...

love the new header.
I'm going to try the challenge!
I so love your blog.