Thursday, February 17, 2011

Recent Shutterfly Prints

Towards the end of last year i did some printing using Shutterfly. I have always been really happy with the results i have gotten with them so i have just stuck with them for all my page printing. However i am wondering where your go to place is to print?

I thought i would share some photos from these recent books. The books that we have are accessible to the kids & i encourage them to look through them. They love flipping through them & i love watching them enjoy them. (This is why we all scrapbook isn't it?)

{Makenna chose this beautiful ensemble of an outfit}

Spencer already has two books printed for him, this being his third book & the largest! It is 12x12 and to the max at 101 pages. Would you be shocked if i told you i still have 24 more pages to print?

One of my goals this year is to print more ... i haven't printed any pages for Makenna yet, just a few are ready to print(acckkk 116!) I have all of my 365 pages, all of my All About Kayleigh pages, the friends and family pages & the Family Fall book + Smiles photobook i made last year hasn't been printed for us yet.

I thought i would also talk about how i keep my pages stored on my computer to keep them organized. I have the following folders set up: Both Kids, Makenna's Book, Spencers Book, Project 365, Friend and Family Book, Kayleigh's Book. Within each of these folders are the PSD folders & the jpg that i upload to my gallery at Designer Digitals. There is also a folder called LG JPGS that i place a full size 12x12 jpg of the completed page. I use this jpg to upload to Shutterfly where i have the same folders set up for my pages there. Once it is uploaded then i move it to another folder. Doing this is peace of mind for me knowing that the jpg is there in case i were to loose everything.

So what system is working for you? Where do you print? Are you like me & scrap lots, need to print more?

- kayleigh


Sam (muddygirl) said...

Kayleigh, I have a WIP Pages folder with folders inside set up for each project i'm working on. A book for each year for Ben (birthday to birthday) P365 2011, AAM ( not much in this), 2010 Family Album etc. Inside each of these I have a Ready for Proofing folder that I move the layout too once I am completely happy with it, and a Jpeg folder that contains the Jpeg for uploading to shutterfly. Once they are proofed and uploaded ( usually done in batches) I move them to my completed pages file, seperated the same way as the WIP file. Both of these folders are then backed up to my EHD. Sounds complicated, but I like keeping stuff I'm working on seperated from stuff thats been completed and uploaded to shutterfly.
I have just orderd my second book for Ben both have been 101 pages. His third has 70 pages uploaded and 30 sitting in WIP folder, and his 4th book has 33 pages in WIP. I have just got my p365 from 2010 and December daily 2010 books from shutterfly. I like conformaity, all my books to look the same, and I love the quality of shutterfly, thats why I stick with them. I am considering printing individual pages for some of my older paper scrapbooks when I get around to scraping pages to finish them, and maybe for our Yearly family albums, but I havent made a decision on that yet.
Ben has Loved looking through the 365 and Dec Daily since they arrived, but its a constant reminder for him to be gental with them.

kayleigh said...

Sounds like you have a great system sam! We are reminding the kids as well to be gentle with the books. But I like that if they were to get ruined then we can just reprint down the road.

Thanks for sharing that info with us! :)

amy lee mallory said...

Oh yes - I have loads to print! The best part of scrapbooking is watching your kids pour over their pages. I am researching the best place to print right now. I have used shutterfly for themed projects, but I don't know if I can't get past the pages not matching in a Shutterfly book. I would say my designs are all over the place and I am thinking that individual pages in a 3 ring binder may be the way to go. I am still not sure. Thanks for giving me a boost - The first thing I am going to do with my income tax return is get my pages printed!!!

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