Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where's Kayleigh?

Just wanted to pop in & say that I have been REALLY really busy this past week with going back to work. Eric is still home with Spencer since he is not able to work right now due to his recent surgery from the car accident last year. So it does make it easier knowing that Spence is with him rather than a sitter. The 1st day was really hard, but each day is getting easier. When I get home I don't want to spend time on the computer until Spence is in bed, so my scrapping time has gone from 6-8 hours a day to about 2!

I am also working on a secret project that is taking up a lot of time - but it is going to be fantastic! ... Sorry no hints :) Plus there is my latest news to celebrate with the MMM Runner-Up. I feel so honoured to have been recognized among these talented scrappers. And thanks to Mary for letting me know about the contest to begin with. I entered the contest on a whim & got my 5 pages ready in about a week & 1/2. I pushed the reveal of the winners out of my mind with all the craziness of being back at work this week. So how excited was I when i saw the thread at DD that Mary started?! My co-workers were excited, but they don't really understand how very exciting this truely is in the scrapping world.

Tara has been doing a fantastic job with the blog & her inspiring pages. (So thanks my friend!) Come mid September I will be able to dive into our blog full forced! We have lots of fantastic inspiration in store for you all so stay tuned & check back often!



Linda said...

Girls, great blog! I will most certainly follow along, and join in when I can.

Huge congrats Kayleigh!

Anonymous said...

you know how happy I am for you! you are so talented and now the rest of the scrapping world is going to know...


Vin said...

Awesome Kayleigh! I am so, SO happy for you! And so glad you started this great blog.