Saturday, July 18, 2009

July Challenge

Well, I am WAYYYY behind on posting July's monthly challenge. But this month we are changing things up a bit. Our monthly challenges are going to be a bit simpler, a bit getting to know you (our friends) a bit better, and a bit FUN!

So for this challenge the prize is still a $10 Gift Certificate to!

I want to KNOW... How do you print? Where do you print? Do you print pages at home and frame them or add them to your albums? Do you get the awesome books printed at Shutterfly? Are you a 12 x 12 printer, 8 x 8 printer? Tell us all about it! Leave your comment by Sunday night at 6pm and I will pick a random winner from those who answer my burning question!!

As for us? The three of us are hooked on Shutterfly!! Check out some of the projects we've done through Shutterfly!

Click here to view this photo book.

Click here to view this photo book.

Click here to view this photo book.


Heather said...

I am hooked on printing 8X8 Shutterfly albums of mainly random LOs. I have done some special albums but mainly just like picking my favorites and putting them together every few months.

I have intended to print & frame some at home but haven't yet.

The only other printing I have done is to print a laptop skin & an iphone skin of layouts using Schtickers. Love having Mike on the beach as the back image of my iphone! Gives it a nice personal feeling to it as well as a nice protection from scratches.

Christina said...

I used to have my pages (12x12) printed by Good Life Photo, but just recently I had an album printed from Shutterfly and I really really liked it so I want to have my pages printed that way from now on. Thanks for sharing your photobooks with us! They are great! I really enjoy this blog and I'm so thankful it's here!

Mirjam said...

I haven't put any of my layouts to print. I have read wonderful reviews about shutterfly but beacause I live in the Netherlands the shipment costs hold me back.
Off course I could get my work printed over here, but I haven't found a company that I trust to do it to my likings.
I'm glad you made this topic your july challenge. I hope a few dutchies will comment and help me on my way. Or maybe I can hear about other options.

Laura in CT said...

Mostly, I print 8 x 8 at Costco. I had one 8 x 8 Shutterfl y book made of a vacation we took, and I am planning on printing my Project 365 pages in a Shutterfly book; I also made a Shutterfly book for my in-laws one year. But single-page printing is my norm.

Alysse said...

I've created some 8x8 Shutterfly albums and print 8x8 photos at Costco. I've used WHCC to print holiday cards which I have been really pleased with. I love the idea of framing layouts and can't believe that hasn't occurred to me. I think I know a project to work on this weekend :)

Gabi said...

I've never printed my pages. Yet. And I would love to. I'm planning to make a photobook and have it ready for Christmas. I think I will go for 8x8 which is better to hold in the hands (at least for little kids).
Thank you for this topic, I will be watching this and waiting for the best advice as well.
Wishing you a wonderful summer!!

Carol said...

I create and will forever now print my books 12x12. They look amazing that big. But I do have a practice print (shhhhh ... at work!! LOL) just on photocopy paper, to see if it all looks like it gels and looks "right" before it gets the final nod for the book.

The practice print I do, I end up keeping and laminating and sending it to my mum (the laminating seems to give the paper copy a bit of a polish). I do this so mum can take part in my life here as when I got married 5 years ago I moved away from my home town. She loves getting the certain sized envelopes in the mail knowing there are more pages for her to look at.

Muddygirl said...

I havent printed a single page yet! I haven't finished any projets in order to send them away. I work in 12 x 12 and plan to print Shutterfly books in that size for myself and possible 8x8 for gifts for other family members. I cant wait to see some of my pages in print!
The only thing that I have had printed was a 21st Birthday invitation for my neice that I designed. We had a local printer do them like a postcard and they looked great!

Phoebe said...

Awesome books!!! Yep...I'm a Shutterfly chick, too! I've only had a few books printed (a couple 12x12 and a couple 8x8) so far but I love 'em! I've made books for my mom and then I just get a copy for myself but I haven't made a book just for me yet...isn't that sad?? I've printed some 8x8 and 6x6 pages for circle journals but other than far it's all been photobooks at Shutterfly. :) (Lo0ve your blog, by the way!! Thanks to Tali for leading me here!!) :)

Beth said...

I love your shutterfly albums. My friend has printed there and the quality is stunning.

I print 12X12 at Costco and add to my Chatterbox albums which have paper pages in them already.

I expect to convert to Shutterfly eventually.

Kelly said...

I have no one set way. :) I print 8x8 pages at home when I think about it and then put them in an album.

I printed out 4x6 photos two years ago and put them in a Year in Review album for my family. I test printed a set at home and then used Shutterfly for the pictures I was giving as gifts. This year I went with a 5x7 softcover album from Shutterfly and absolutely loved it. I want to make a zoo book for my daughter in 5x7 size too since she really liked having the Year in Review books.

I've had special albums printed at Shutterfly, all 8x8. I printed my December Daily and two vacation albums. I'm going to print all my layouts from 2008 with Shutterfly but I haven't decided if it's going to be one book or two since there are so many.

Sarah H. said... far I haven't printed too many. I have one Shutterfly book (it looks great!) and one from artscow (was happy with the price but not so pleased with the quality). I have also printed several 12x 12 pages to frame and hang on my walls. I really need to get on the printing so we can enjoy them off of the computer!

nativescrapper (cheryl) said...

Hi Ladies!!
Well I havent print any of my layouts at all. I did print some Birthday Card and Invitations. But I just used my hp printer at home. Guess Im waitng to win the lottery to get my books printer..:) lol

aino said...

I have printed one book as of yet - looked GREAT! But I have a few more lined up, as my idea was to print one book each for the kids each birthday. (I am a little behind.... lol!)
I have also printed some out at home and put in a folder - looks great too and the kids love to look at them. :D

Love your new blog heading!! said...

I've printed with mypictales a couple times but am negligent in printing more !!!!
Kids are two and three and finding time to scrap is hard enough !!!!

joelsgirl_Kellie said...

I print some pages single 8x8, but sometimes I print a bound book. I have used Shutterfly, Viovio and Artscow for my bound books. I like the quality of Shutterfly, but it takes so long to load and is so expensive.

Mary Rogers said...

I usually print at home for my personal albums, 8x8 on premimum quality matte paper...I also LOVE shutterfly and when I get time I love putting books together and have them do the printing.