Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Challenge #36

Hello friends! It's Kayleigh this week with a really fun challenge for you for this Monday morning (or whenever you happen to read this). You all know I love stitching right? And I NEVER ever go out of control using it right? In case you didn't know Anna Aspnes' stitching is my absolute favourite style & I have rarely finished a page without using it since she began creating these Stitched by Anna sets. They seem to have the perfect amount of messy with loose ends. The set I used on my page below is her newest white one which is Stitched by Anna No. 05. They are unpredictable & I guess that is what I love about it. The white is a true white ... oh I could go on forever!

Anyways ... your challenge this week!
Create a grid using stitching. Simple. Fun.

{All images are clickable for larger version & linked to galleries for full credit lists.}

Here is my page where I intertwined the stitching grid with the photo cluster:

Here is a page that Tara posted the other night of her little Addi with a stitched grid:

I love this interesting effect the stitching with the paper has here on this page by Doris aka echogirl:

Here is some stitching that is part of a great template by Katie, I love how the stitching frames the photos. Such a great page by Njoy:

Inspired? I hope so. Now go scrap!

- kayleigh


Mireille said...

I was so happily suprised to see my layout on your blog! Your blog is always such a great inspiration to me. Keep up the good work! :-)


Doris said...

Man, I'm THRILLED to be noticed by you! You certainly know how to make my week! Thanks again for the shout out!

Doris said...

I couldn't resist doing another stitching are right it is addictive!
Thanks for the challenge!

Heidi2008 said...

Great challenge as always ladies!
Here's my take:

Aino said...

Here is my contribution.... thanks for all the fun inspiration, girls!

Kathleen Summers said...

Better late than never, hee hee!