Monday, September 21, 2009

Creative Challenge #39

Happy Monday!!! We are all ALMOST up to feeling 100%. A few coughs here and there and still on antibiotics. Hopefully we have this all out of our system, and we can have a healthy winter! I'll let you know if that works out in my favor or not ;)

Today we have another Creative Challenge for you!!

Use song lyrics as inspiration.
You can use the whole song as your journaling, or words or the title of the song for your title. How ever you feel inspired!!
Use a visual triangle to lead the eye. A visual triangle is simply using the placement of elements to lead the eye through your page. This will pull your page together and in many cases make your page more appealing.
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Inspired by Jonny Diaz: Beautiful you (a wonderful song if you have never heard it)

Can't wait to see you pages and be inspired!
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MamaBee said...

Here is mine...


Aino said...

:D Fun challenge!
Here is my addition...

(I combined it with the DD iTunes challenge - hope that is OK!)