Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Photo A Day: Part 3

Hi, thanks for all the feedback on my photo a day. I'm starting not to feel too stressed about it. I find if it's getting late in the day and I don't have a photo I find a subject that captures the moment and there I have the photo for that day :) I can't believe there is only one more day left in January. I plan on recapping each month with 3 of my favorite photos from that month. I know it's going to be hard but I want to do it ... I already know it's probably going to be pictures of Addison :) she is so photogenic. Speaking of Addison she just turned 8 months on the 28th. WOW! I have only 5 more months to enjoy with her before it's time to go back to work :( I'm so not looking forward to it. In doing the recap each month if you are doing a photo a day please link me or email us one of your favorite photos from January and I will post it next week. Also tell us why it's your favorite :) Here are just a few more photos from the past weeks. Have a great weekend. - Tara


osaru said...

Great photos!!
I love your feeling here! :)

rsheedy said...

Your photos are gorgeous. You are a great photographer!