Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get It Done!

Today I am challenging you to finish a page that you previously started & haven't completed. Or scrap photos that you feel you 'have' to scrap. I am posting a page I started honestly months ago. Every once in awhile I open it up, try a couple things then close it down. I think this page intimidates me because it is filled with so many photos. But I am done having this page hang over my head so I am setting a goal to finish it by Friday. And challenging you to do the same! Link me up to your completed page by Friday! - kayleigh

I had a bit of time last night to scrap so i thought i would plug away at this page. I thought it would be kinda a fun for others to see the process of scrapbooking for me. It still needs more, but I am liking where it is going more now. I do like this background paper more, it makes the photos pop more & of course every page needs stitching!

Here it is done! I really like the way this page turned out. I added some fun elements that go with the theme of the page, added some journaling & shrunk the grouping down to allow for some negative space.


Elena said...

Gosh, I have several "just not happening" layouts molding away in my files... hmmm. :)

muddygirl said...

I found one (of many) and did it!! Thanks for the kick up the B*&. Before


Aino said...

:) I normally don't have any of those, because if they don't *click* right away, I delete them and start something else.
But your example is brilliant! Love to see the evolution.

Great challenge!

Doris said...

So very cool to see your process Kayleigh. This was fun and you definitely need to do it again.

Here was mine..essentially done by Friday but after traveling with 3 little ones I've only just posted it. Here's the link!


Thanks for the push!

Michelle Shackelford said...

it was really cool to see your process. :) i lov ehow it turned out!