Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chat + New Page

Just wanted to let you all know that i am hosting a colour chat over at Designer Digitals on September 11th at 3pm EST time for their next quarterly sale event. I am so excited and wanted to share the news with you all! If you haven't participated in the chat event yet, you must join in because you are totally missing out. The day is filled with a freebie each hour and even store coupons. Plus we have a lot of fun chatting the day away with each other, the more the merrier!

And here is my most recent page that i started this afternoon during Makenna's nap & wrapped it up tonight. I L*O*V*E this patterned paper that Michelle Martin is releasing this weekend. I flip flopped between quite a few papers with nothing looking right, then i saw this & instantly knew it was perfect. You guys are going to love this kit called Glorious Days! I love this polka dot alpha that comes in white, black & red. I chose the red & played with the hue/saturation slider in photoshop to change the colours for this fun effect.

(image linked for full credits}

These photos are from our time away recently, Makenna loved chasing the seaguls all over the place. I had a hard time capturing that perfect shot but am happy i caught her in a couple that i could put together on a page.

So are you going to be at the chat!? Is your shopping cart overflowing yet? Send me an email and i will select a prodcut that i think you should get! Kinda like your own personal Designer Digitals shopper!

- kayleigh

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Doris said...

that paper looks glorious!
Fab lo..so much fun stuff!
I'm so going to send you an email!