Monday, August 30, 2010

Pioneer Woman Actions

I love these actions & am totally addicted to them. You can find them here Pioneer Woman Actions UPDATE! There are instructions included as well to explain how to load them. Be sure to check out all the examples of the actions there as well.

Here is the original photo of miss makenna chatting it up on my sisters cell phone at a wedding this summer.

Here is the photo with the Colourized Action ran at 100% opacity and the Boost Action ran at 65% opacity.

And here is my page that i created with this cute photo.

Hope you are a little inspired!
- kayleigh


amy lee mallory said...

more than a little! This page inspires BIG Time!


Elena said...

Thanks for the info on the Pioneer Woman actions... will have to see if they work in PSE... probably not :(

Great page!

Gabi said...

I use her action all the time, love them!
Great photo treatment on that photo and LOVE your page, Kayleigh.

Anonymous said...

I reach for these all the time! I agree--they are awesome! :)