Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cottage Photos

We got back Thursday from a fun filled vacation at a family cottage on the lake so as i was going through the photos from our time away I thought i would share some of my favourite photos with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

We spent a bit of time on the beach, not nearly as much as i wanted to at all. Mother nature brought a lot of wind during our stay so being at the sheltered cottage was perfect.

My mom picked up these sunflowers on her way to the cottage for a mere 50 cents each. A small price to pay for beauty!!

Lately spencer grabs makenna by the hand and takes her to where he wants her to go whispering little messages to her showing her the world as he sees it.

My mom is famous for having lots of art supplies handy and spencer enjoyed every minute of discovery in grandma's special basket. i already scrapped some photos from this rock painting fun which i will share soon.

There is a hammock that proved to be a great spot for an afternoon snooze or a playful game of hide and seek while mom tried to get a photo. {hence the bluriness}

There is a lot of dirt around the cottage ... which leads to dirty feet of course!

Dirty feet land in the tub for a quick splash to rinse off. Baths were so much more fun in a new tub.

Spencer spotted this tiny green worm on the deck and got really close to talk to him. He kept saying that he had horns! Too cute!

Vacations are always nice for a break from the everyday cycle of home. But it was nice to be home to our own beds, routines, flushing when you need to, internet of course and talks about the next year. Spencer says on the way home 'hope lots of everybodies are there next year' ... me too little man. The more fun memories we can make the better. :)

- kayleigh


creativeinspirationblog said...

GREAT Photos! :)

Bailey said...

Love the sneak peek into your vacation Kayleigh! Glad you had a good time! Glad you're back :D