Saturday, August 21, 2010

Creative Challenge #57

I mentioned in my post last night that i created a page with the photos of Spencer & my mom enjoying some creative time together. So i pulled a creative challenge for you out of my page ... see the inspiration in motion!?

* 3 points of orange
* 3 pieces of paper stacked up for the background
* part of your title must have tape on it
* word strips
* use this font called CK Becky
* the date of your photos

So many times i see pages that are missing a date & i often wonder how one would remember when looking back when the photos were taken. So my friends ... don't forget the date!!

My 3 points of orange are the flossy stitches, the word 'art' and the orange photo corner. I will even give you extra points for using a worn edge on you stack of 3 papers. (what? ... you didn't know i was giving out points did you?!)

{image linked for full credit list}

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Have fun and link us up to your inspiring page!
- kayleigh


Doris said...

You totally crack me up Kayleigh!
Great challenge. I may not get to do it quick because I'm working on my Daily December from LAST year! :)

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amy lee mallory said...

What a fun challenge!!
Here is my page...

thanks, AMY

Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kelly said...

Okay. Let me see if I can do this again and get the right html.

It helped me scrap some of my vacation photos.

Thanks for having such a great challenge.

Lori said...

Ok, Here's my take on the challenge!!! I hope I can find more time now that Kyra is in school... I've been wanted to do this one for a while!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the challenge :) Here is my page: