Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone gets to spend it with the people they love. Tonight I'm making heart shape pizza. I hope it turns out :). Here are some eye candy perfect for Valentine's Day. Enjoy! - Tara

You can get this personalized Little Flower Hearts at Etsy at Sarah & Bendrix Shop I might have to make one of these.

Love this framed print. You can download the print at Eighteen 25. I printed one and have it sitting on my mantle over the tv.

This is a cool idea which I did last year for Valentine's Day. I got the idea off of Martha Stewart website.

Simply yummy cupcakes for Valentine'sDay. Get the recipe here at Martha Stewart Website.

This cute pillow would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift. You can get it at Etsy at Decology Shop.


Lori said...

Such cute stuff, Tara! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day!!!


hrtyty said...

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