Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creative Challenge #45: What's in there??

So it seems every now and then I come across a challenge to share the contents of your purse, or your refrigerator, etc. I always think it would be neat to do but have never jumped in and completed a page. With project 365 I figured it would be neat to document this kind of thing! So I challenge you...share with us the contents of something RIGHT NOW.
- Refrigerator
- Purse
- Diaper Bag
- Trunk, Car
- Closet
- Wallet
(And as I was searching for layouts to inspire you I realized this was a Challenge HERE on our blog back in the very see this post for some inspiration too!!!)
Here are a few for some inspiration!

My take...

artist: Kayleigh

artist: SarahDanyelle

artist: PaulaSG

artist: JALong


Kayleigh said...

Thanks for the fun challenge Bailey! Here is my page:

Aino said...

Here is my contribution, Bailey - no photo - but it was fun to do!!